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We approached Giles Edwards Yorkshire Property to help source us a property in the Masham area – there were several opportunities both on as well as off his books but they all came with drawbacks as is ever the case when buying an existing property.


Giles then “floated” the idea of building our own – something Richard had done before in Rutland many years earlier.


The location was perfect and the plot "with planning” would provide us with what we were looking for. The issue was the price and this is where Giles came into his own.


I had researched the “trade” price from two local builders, when we were asking for build budgets, which was unacceptable to the Vendor – so finding the “retail” price was the issue.


Giles was able to steer both parties to a satisfactory conclusion over a very short period of time – his skill in knowing the reality of the market – the scenario’s of both parties - and seeing that both sides understood that was outstanding.  


I would also add that he offered continued input after the purchase in ensuring we were in touch with the right Planning Consultant and Architect, along with other bodies we had to deal with, and this “after sales service” was exactly what we needed to get the build project started.


In conclusion – for honest and straightforward advice as to the property you should buy for your needs Giles Edwards Property are the best.


Richard & Lulu Ferrand - North Yorkshire

"From start to finish, Giles Edwards Yorkshire Property provided a highly professional and efficient service, frequently going far beyond the normal functions of an estate agent in order to address the buyers’ numerous and diverse concerns and bring about exchange of contracts. His valuation of the property proved to be spot-on, unlike the other valuations I obtained for probate, reflecting his excellent local knowledge and experience. He patiently supervised access to the unoccupied property in order to permit the buyers to bring in their architect, surveyor and garden adviser and dealt with the recalcitrant burglar alarm. He went to a great deal of trouble to assist the buyers in obtaining insurance cover. I would definitely recommend Giles Edwards to anyone contemplating buying or selling a property in the Masham area;  I could not have hoped for a better service." - Dr Driver 

Project Management:


Once Giles Edwards had ensured that we had the right Planning Application it was Ulicia who offered her services as the “Project Co-Ordinator”


This fell into six categories –


  1. Helping us finish the design specification with the Architect and get that to Planning

  2. Introducing us to the Trade Accounts we would need and going with us to meet them

  3. Completing with us the building budget

  4. Helping in the selection of all aspects of the interior of the house

  5. Ensuring the build programme remained on schedule / attending our weekly meetings with the builder

  6. Delivering the last 10% which is always the hardest bit at the end of the building programme


Ulicia was outstanding in her calm way, her deadly efficient manner of getting things done, meticulous attention to detail and clever eye for how to do things without spending a fortune, but above all, being the buffer between us and the builder and calming frantic clients on one hand while managing an over busy building company on the other.


In short we would have paid an Architect a considerable sum in fees for half the service –


Whatever project you might have in mind – extensions to full renovation to new build – using Ulicia with her long experience in building projects will not only save you money by careful buying but save you vast amounts of stress and worry.  We couldn’t  recommend her more  Richard & Lulu Ferrand  - Yorkshire 

"Having been in the business of building homes since 1973, we have had experience of many Estate Agents in those years. We can genuinely recommend Giles Edwards as the best agent we have ever had.  He is extremely efficient, always available, extremely agreeable to both vendor and buyers and always seems to have the right buyer at the right time." - Christine Stelling

"We saw several agents and chose Giles because he understood our late seventeenth century village house and had the best ideas of how to market it. The brochure, in particular, was very well presented with excellent photographs, including some small ones of tiny but visually attractive details. When the property went on the market, Giles sold it the following day, which was remarkable. He kept close to our buyers and our solicitor as a condition of the deal was that we should complete the transaction in three weeks. Thanks to Giles, we did." - Tony and Sarah Whiting - Yorkshire

"The Service that we received from Giles Edwards in the sale of our House and the purchase of our new one was second to none.  He has the perfect balance of attentiveness and professionalism to help drive the sale and/or purchase to a successful conclusion.


Without Giles at the helm with his honesty and hard work we would not have been able to conclude our deal.  


If you are thinking of selling or buying your home through Giles Edwards Yorkshire Property I would not hesitate, you will not be disappointed."  Rob Theakston - North Yorkshire

"Giles was instrumental both in selling our old House and finding our new House. In both cases he was helpful, friendly and efficient    If we ever have to move again we would certainly use him again and have recommended him to our children and others." - Mr & Mrs S Henderson'

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