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Our team can provide help with Project co-ordination and design of your home.  We can hold your hand through whole build projects, refurbishments, occupier fit outs or help with simply a new kitchen or bathroom.

We have worked closely with Planning Consultants, Architects, Builders and designers to help plan the perfect home for our clients.  We provide an easy, no hastle “one stop” capability.

See our 'before and after' photos of some recent projects below. We have very good feedback from all our clients as you can see from the testimonials throughout our web site and on the 'Testimonials page'.

New build 2018

Building plot sold in June 2017 - clearing the site

Footings going in - mid July

First few rows of blocks going in - end July 2017

Blocks going in for ground floor rooms - August 2017

Up to first floor & scaffolding - September 2017

Well on our way and roof going on

Windows and doors are in and works continue internally - March 2018. Nearly there

Finished May 2018

Barn conversion 2017


French limestone staircase 2017

Project Management:


Once Giles Edwards had ensured that we had the right Planning Application it was Ulicia who offered her services as the “Project Co-Ordinator”


This fell into six categories –


  1. Helping us finish the design specification with the Architect and get that to Planning

  2. Introducing us to the Trade Accounts we would need and going with us to meet them

  3. Completing with us the building budget

  4. Helping in the selection of all aspects of the interior of the house

  5. Ensuring the build programme remained on schedule / attending our weekly meetings with the builder

  6. Delivering the last 10% which is always the hardest bit at the end of the building programme


Ulicia was outstanding in her calm way, her deadly efficient manner of getting things done, meticulous attention to detail and clever eye for how to do things without spending a fortune, but above all, being the buffer between us and the builder and calming frantic clients on one hand while managing an over busy building company on the other.


In short we would have paid an Architect a considerable sum in fees for half the service –


Whatever project you might have in mind – extensions to full renovation to new build – using Ulicia with her long experience in building projects will not only save you money by careful buying but save you vast amounts of stress and worry.


We couldn’t  recommend her more


Richard & Lulu Ferrand   

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